The Aerial Adventure Park beckons you to stretch, claw, pull and scramble your up, around and over a variety of challenges. Try the Alpine Tower and experience standing at the top of this tower, looking over the edge at the ground 50 feet below and realizing you were able to overcome your fear and climb higher. Want to try something new, clip in and navigate the 12 elements, and free fall in our new Adventure Course.

Our Alpine Tower is probably the largest jungle gym you’ve ever seen, and presents a challenge for anyone who takes it on. Is a member of your group a little apprehensive? That’s all right; there’s a job for everyone. Some participants will belay, others will spot, but everyone who wants to climb will get the chance. This activity is suitable for participants of all ages.

When you sign up for a climb, be prepared for the time of your life. While the tower might look intimidating, don’t worry about safety. Our staff is highly skilled in safety procedures and our equipment is inspected regularly. We take every precaution to avoid injuries.

The Adventure Course is our newest offering. During this 2.5-3 hour experience, participants will navigate 12 challenges, all 45-50 feet in the air. These challenges can be completed alone or in a group. Once each participant is harnessed up, are clipped onto the course and the fun begins. At the end participants will have the chance to exit by being clipped into our free fall device for the ultimate rush.

Give us a call at 304-536-9245 or shoot us an email for pricing and availability!

Quick Info

  • Level Moderate
  • Duration 2.5-6 hours
  • Participants 5-50



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