Endless Wall, Fayetteville WV

The Blue Ridge Mountains, country roads, wild scenic rivers, and charming cities await you in West Virginia. Come along as we check out 3 incredible blogs on West Virginia.

WHEREVER I MAY ROAM www.whereverimayroamblog.com

A mother-daughter duo from Charleston, WV, transplanted themselves eight years ago to Vero Beach, FL, and while they reside in the south now, their time in West Virginia makes them experts on things to see and do in their home state.

From driving Route 60, learn about their family tradition of enjoying delicious burgers and milkshakes, as they snap pictures along the way to Hawk’s Nest.

Learn about the oldest West Virginia town of Shepherdstown. The city is just 90 minutes shy of our nation’s capital. When you are in Shepherdstown, spend the night at the Bavarian Inn. Do not forget to try the Chesapeake Benedict!

While the mother-daughter duo is the primary composer of the blog, they get assistance from another daughter and husband/dad.

WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAIN MAMA (www.westvirginiamountainmama.com)

This family is proud to call the Mountaineer state home. They love to cook, explore the history, traditions, and mountains as they raise their family. West Virginia Mountain Mama is fortunate to have the love and support of her husband, two sons, a daughter-in-law, and granddaughter.

One such adventurous outing took them to Charleston, the state’s capital, for the MLK Public Art Project, as West Virginia Mountain Mama is an avid painter and has a love of murals. The project was an open invitation to paint murals of Martin Luther King and equality.

West Virginia Mountain Mama has also been to Fayetteville, WV, for the famous Bridge Day. Bridge Day draws thousands from across the area and land to walk across the New River Gorge Bridge and view the BASE jumpers as they descend (fly) into the Gorge below. What makes this so special is they are flying down 876 feet! Do not forget about the rappelers on the catwalk!

Everyone loves a good zoo, and West Virginia Mountain Mama is no different. In their blog post on Hovatter’s Wildlife Zoo in Kingwood, WV, you will learn about Parakeets, Giraffes, Monkeys, and baby birds.

With not many Zoos to explore in West Virginia, this family-owned operation will undoubtedly delight young and old. After all, they have been in business for well over 28-years.

CANDACE LATELY (www.candacelately.com)

Learn all about the fabulous food West Virginia has to offer when you read Candace Lately. This blog will take you to a new restaurant in Charleston, as the writer reviews what she loved about her meal. From the Bootleg Lemonade, a basket of bread, appetizers, and the main course. Yes, there was even room for dessert!

Head down to Huntington for some Tudor’s Biscuit World. This location is sometimes known as the first one in the city, but that title resides on the city’s West Side.

A trip to Morgantown will have you at Farm 2 Table Direct. Not only will you enjoy some farm-raised local meat, but there are also cheeses, and produce available for purchase.