Stand up Paddle Boarding at The Greenbrier

5 Reasons You Should Give Stand Up Paddle Boarding a Try

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP is a water sport that has taken the water by surprise! Let’s face it; one can participate in this popular explosive event in any type of body of water. Mountain lakes, rivers, canals, and the ocean are just a few excellent places to SUP.

Should you need more convincing, check out our 5 reasons on why you should give stand up paddle boarding a try.

1. Intense Control

River rapids and racing entice those outdoor enthusiasts seeking some tough challenges. While you may see the most skilled gliding along the water like a red slider, stand up paddle boarding is magnificent no matter your skill level. Maintaining balance, constant movement, and having a graceful wide stance will have you cursing along before you know it.

2. Outstanding Views

When you are standing up on a paddle board, there are no obstructions. The views are unobstructed and offer up a 360-degree angle of everything around. Imagine being able to see the minnows swimming near the top of the water as you traverse your way by kayakers who have their views blocked by the edges of the kayak.

3. Exercise

This low-impact exercise option is perfect for the younger ones and anyone who is starting out with a new exercise regimen. Balance and strengthening of the core, mixed with the use of your arm, back, and shoulder muscles, will give you a single workout with some extraordinary views. The more speed you pick up, the better your cardio workout regime for the day. Please remember that a Personal Flotation Device may be required while out on the water.

4. Inexpensive        

For those just starting out or not wishing to purchase their own board quite yet, renting is the way to go. Prices are usually $30 or less for an hour, and under $60 for the day, this is by far cheaper than a boat or jet-ski rental. Plus, everything you will need for an incredible time on the water is included. Yes, this means your board, paddle, and any required safety gear you may need.

5. Relaxation

Soccer games, dance lessons, baseball practice, work, and life, in general, is stressful! Finding downtime to process all the daily stresses thrown at us is important.

While you can get one heck of a rush of adrenaline climbing 30,000 feet and leaping out of a moving airplane, that thrill-seeking adventure is not for everyone. Almost every person loves to relax. What better way to calm your nerves than to slide across a body of water like you are a member of royalty without a care in the world. After all, it is your board, your rules, your choice of water, and your thoughts that help bring a sense of relaxation.


There you have it, 5 reasons to give paddle boarding a try. Should none of these genuinely entice you and you are still on the fence, think of the possibility of graciously gliding next to a celebrity. That is right, how thrilled would you be should you have the honor of paddle boarding past Julia Roberts or The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.