JFK at The Greenbrier

The Greenbrier’s Presidential History


Nestled in the Allegheny Mountains, and close to the Greenbrier County town of White Sulphur Springs, is where one will find a luxury resort known as The Greenbrier. Eleven thousand acres are home to more than 700 rooms, a host of retail establishments, activities that will keep you busy for days.

Five sitting presidents have visited The Greenbrier during the years of 1838 and 1860. Accommodations were at what is currently known as the President’s Cottage Museum. This museum is host to a world of knowledge and graciously tells The Greenbrier’s story. Learn about the visits of then presidents Martin Van Buren, John Tyler and Millard Fillmore, to this summer White House.

In 1914, then-President Woodrow Wilson and his wife visited for the Easter holiday. Later that year in October, a prominent businessman arrived to celebrate his honeymoon with Rose Kennedy, that was Joseph Kennedy, who became proud parents of nine children, including President John F. Kennedy.

Other prominent presidents who have graced The Greenbriers grounds include President George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush in 2005. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower are also on the list.

The North American Summit Conference was held at The Greenbrier, in the Presidential Suite by President Dwight Eisenhower. Hosting this conference at the Presidential Suite was a genius move, as this Virginia Wing suite offers seven bedrooms, spread across two floors that accommodate fourteen and can entertain 200.

This private entry suite also includes a library, reception foyer, a grand piano in the spacious living room, and a den that includes a half bath.

The Presidential Suite is also rumored to be where Eisenhower came up with the plans for The Greenbrier’s underground bunker.

President Nixon, a General at the time, opted to stay at Top Notch cottage, which is now, Top Notch Estate Home. This exquisite Estate Home is equipped with four bedrooms, accommodates up to four, and can entertain 200.

The Top Notch Estate Home, equipped with a taste of the traditional manner decor that follows The Greenbrier, includes a two-car garage, a porch enclosed in glass, and a wet bar. Lots of complimentary features also accompany this beautiful home. A few of these are a fresh flower arrangement in the living rooms, VIP chocolates in each of the bedrooms, and parking.

Forty-two years saw presidents that visited The Greenbrier residing in the President’s Estate Home. An extensive renovation, preservation, and restoration took this charming home to its elegance and resurrected the Hawley Estate Home.

Located upon the top of a hill providing luxurious views of the fantastic landscape and amazing Springhouse. Privacy, luxury, and convenience are what you find at this private residence, along with accommodations for ten, and a spot to entertain 200. Presidents that enjoyed their time here enjoyed two kitchens, a sunroom, and a patio.

The Salute to Service dinner, held in 2018 at The Greenbrier, had the honor of the 45th president coming to pay tribute to men and women of the military.

All of this history and presidential visits would entice anyone to seek some of this luxury!

–Interested in playing where presidents have played? Visit Greenbrier Outfitters and let us show you the wild side of West Virginia.

Stand up Paddle Boarding at The Greenbrier

5 Reasons You Should Give Stand Up Paddle Boarding a Try

5 Reasons You Should Give Stand Up Paddle Boarding a Try

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP is a water sport that has taken the water by surprise! Let’s face it; one can participate in this popular explosive event in any type of body of water. Mountain lakes, rivers, canals, and the ocean are just a few excellent places to SUP.

Should you need more convincing, check out our 5 reasons on why you should give stand up paddle boarding a try.

1. Intense Control

River rapids and racing entice those outdoor enthusiasts seeking some tough challenges. While you may see the most skilled gliding along the water like a red slider, stand up paddle boarding is magnificent no matter your skill level. Maintaining balance, constant movement, and having a graceful wide stance will have you cursing along before you know it.

2. Outstanding Views

When you are standing up on a paddle board, there are no obstructions. The views are unobstructed and offer up a 360-degree angle of everything around. Imagine being able to see the minnows swimming near the top of the water as you traverse your way by kayakers who have their views blocked by the edges of the kayak.

3. Exercise

This low-impact exercise option is perfect for the younger ones and anyone who is starting out with a new exercise regimen. Balance and strengthening of the core, mixed with the use of your arm, back, and shoulder muscles, will give you a single workout with some extraordinary views. The more speed you pick up, the better your cardio workout regime for the day. Please remember that a Personal Flotation Device may be required while out on the water.

4. Inexpensive        

For those just starting out or not wishing to purchase their own board quite yet, renting is the way to go. Prices are usually $30 or less for an hour, and under $60 for the day, this is by far cheaper than a boat or jet-ski rental. Plus, everything you will need for an incredible time on the water is included. Yes, this means your board, paddle, and any required safety gear you may need.

5. Relaxation

Soccer games, dance lessons, baseball practice, work, and life, in general, is stressful! Finding downtime to process all the daily stresses thrown at us is important.

While you can get one heck of a rush of adrenaline climbing 30,000 feet and leaping out of a moving airplane, that thrill-seeking adventure is not for everyone. Almost every person loves to relax. What better way to calm your nerves than to slide across a body of water like you are a member of royalty without a care in the world. After all, it is your board, your rules, your choice of water, and your thoughts that help bring a sense of relaxation.


There you have it, 5 reasons to give paddle boarding a try. Should none of these genuinely entice you and you are still on the fence, think of the possibility of graciously gliding next to a celebrity. That is right, how thrilled would you be should you have the honor of paddle boarding past Julia Roberts or The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.

The Greenbrier Hotel at Sunset


Nestled in the Allegheny Mountains, the pops of color, well-manicured lawns, and outstanding all-around beauty, is a stunning white classic iconic fixture that one can retreat to and escape the everyday worries of life. The Greenbrier, a fabulous resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, has been hosting families and guests for over 240 years.

Words are far and few to showcase how grand and unique The Greenbrier is. Superb décor, outstanding activities, and spectacular amenities are just a few of the six awesome reasons to stay at The Greenbrier.

1. The Spa

Healing sulphur springs await your arrival at The Greenbrier Spa. Let the healing waters wash away your troubles as you relax with a cup of warm tea or juice freshly made.

2. Golf

As the ladies or gentlemen, relax in the spa, grab the clubs and head out to one of the three superb resort courses, an exclusive private course, and a walking par 3 nine-hole course. Soak in the mountain views at either The Old White, The Greenbrier, The Ashford Short Course, or The Meadows.

The Old White has hosted numerous rounds of 18-holes since 1914. The Greenbrier course has been around since 1924 but received a complete makeover by Jack Nicklaus in 1977 so that the Ryder Cup could be hosted. Today, The Greenbrier course is 9-hole, wooded with forced carries to the green.

The Ashford Short Course takes you on a walking adventure for 9-holes, a great way to work on your short game, or get in some golf when 18 holes are not possible. This course is a perk for members of Greenbrier Golf and Tennis Club, The Greenbrier Sporting Club, and for those that are Greenbrier guests.

The Meadows has received several upgrades and facelifts since its opening in 1911 as Lakeside/Meadows. Some of those incredible modern features include stacked sod bunkers and reconstructed greens.

3. Pools

Take the family and relax by the outdoor pool as you soak up some rays and incredible West Virginia mountain views. Should the weather not cooperate, hit the indoor Olympic size pool designed in the 1940s.

4. Prime 44 West

Put on your best dress coat, press the white shirt, and head down to where the most exquisite aged beef, fine wines from all over the world, and fresh seafood is abundant. Take in the upscale atmosphere as it blends in with dark and natural woods. This upscale and inviting steakhouse is named in honor of West Virginia native and NBA legend Jerry West. Should you be feeling up for an adventure, order the Jerry West 44 Ounce Porterhouse.

5. Tennis

Ten incredible courts, five inside and five outside, along with a 2,500-seat professional tennis stadium, provide guests of The Greenbrier a delightful way to showcase their skills and form. It is ok if you have never picked up a racket, there are daily clinics, along with lessons for folks of all ages. Prices vary based upon if you wish a private, semi-private, clinic or group lesson.

Court and rental fees also apply if you do not have your own racket. There is also a dress code of sports shirts with collars, tennis shirts, knickers, tennis shorts, and walking shorts. Should you decide on an indoor court, you will need to have shoes with soles of light color.

6. Carriage Ride

Whether it is a romantic evening or quality family time, touring the property of The Greenbrier via a horse-drawn carriage is a beautiful way to make memories. Enjoy an incredible 50-minute ride as you envision how guests traversed the grounds a century ago.

Should you wish to spend an intimate evening together, private carriage rentals are offered during regular hours.

Bonus: #7. Greenbrier Outfitters

We will admit we are just a little biased, but for all things outdoors, trust Greenbrier Outfitters. Whether you want to experience birds in flight at the falconry program, climb the 55 foot tower, glide across the cables of the Aerial Adventure Course or throw tomahawks, Greenbrier Outfitters has you covered.

Falconry Harris Hawk at The Greenbrier


Have you ever wondered what flying trained birds of prey after some wild quarry was called? Falconry is the name, and it is a cool thing to do.

Your trusty bird dog has let you know where your pheasant is going to be, your falcon is over 1,000 feet above waiting for your flushing out of the bushes, and at the right moment, it all comes together. The falcon heads in headfirst, will grab the prize, and offer it up at your feet awaiting a reward.

Not all hunts are a success. There are times that you will be sliding through the woods or field in hopes of flushing out a cute bunny, only for one to take off, your hawk goes in for the catch and gets outmaneuvered. It is all good, though. The hawk will return for a small reward.

Falconry was once reserved and used as a grand noble status symbol for those in places such as Medieval Europe due to the number of resources needed for a successful hunt. Master Falconers were provided with a significant amount of money because the nobles did nothing along the training line. It was the Master of the Mews that found, trained, did the upkeep, and ensured the hawks were ready. Thus, creating the Sport of Kings.

Experiencing Falconry

A Beginner

Falconry is more than 4,000 years old, and with a stay at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, you can experience this fantastic sport firsthand. What an excellent way for the family to spend quality time together.

Lessons with trained falcons and hawks go hand in hand as you soak up some history of Falconry. With a 90-minute beginner lesson, what better way to learn something new and exciting as you come together as a cohesive unit.

Have a large family, up to ten, do not worry. Private lessons for the group are available, as well as private demonstrations for up to 50. A private falconry lesson would make a fantastic family reunion activity or corporate retreat adventure.

While these incredible creatures are not housed on the grounds of The Greenbrier, the falcons can be found under five minutes away. There is transportation, and the outing leaves from the outdoor pool area, at Greenbrier Outfitters.

As with almost all activities The Greenbrier has to offer, following resort-style casual dress code is required for this experience. To fulfill this, sport shirts, jeans, and walking shorts are acceptable.


Falconry is alive and well in the United States. These incredible birds of prey are spectacular creatures, and having one land on your gloved hand, is truly a once in a lifetime experience. So, what are you waiting for? Come along today and learn about some outstanding explanation of the sport and meet a hawk or two up close and personal. Imagine the look of awe on your buddy’s face when you tell them what you did on your weekend excursion to West Virginia and The Greenbrier.


West Virginia comes alive every fall with whitewater rafting adventurers seeking out the Gauley River. Load up your gear and head to Randolph, Webster, Nicholas, or Fayette County for some of the most rugged terrains in the country.

Starting Labor Day weekend and continuing for six weeks is Gauley Season. When you are seeking some whitewater adventure, consider whitewater rafting The Gauley River because it offers up over 100 steep gradient rapids to fulfill every thrill seekers dream. Two sections of this fabulous river will have you speeding down and across the rapids in no time.

This one-time year event happens around when the dam is scheduled for release, giving all adrenaline gurus a rush in a setting of wilderness for some 25 miles.


When your adrenaline has you pumped up and rearing to go, head to the upper Gauley. Pillow Rock and Iron Ring are just two of the outstanding class lll to V+ chutes and drops you will encounter. For even more high pumping action, maneuver along the rocky routes of Shipwreck or Lost Paddle.

The upper Gauley is hands down the most challenging trip when whitewater rafting. The upper Gauley expects you to pump out some extreme paddling power and bring it full speed. You earn your badge of honor when tackling this part of the river.  

These high rolling rapids will have you gliding along smoothly, and then before you know it, you are sideways, water pouring in, facing the mighty white-capped loud rapids and bam out of the raft. If the 12 miles of secluded remoteness along over 50 class ll through V whitewater rapids do not give you a thrill, the 14’ cascading waterfall surely will!


Should you not be a master at whitewater rafting just yet or are experienced looking for some milder class lll-V run, the Lower Gauley is calling your name. Fifty rapids await you along with some big water guaranteed to have you craving more as you traverse over ten miles.

Most of your excursion will have you sailing through coaster waves to class lll and IV rapids, then to a superb class V to top off your fun.


Now that you have considered whitewater rafting the Gauley River, are you going to venture out on your own privately, or book with a local guide/outfitter? Whitewater rafting is intense and risky, therefore before you jump right in and let it all hang out, take into consideration that someone could potentially lose their life.

Ensure that everyone who climbs on board with you knows the risks and agrees to take responsibility for their safety freely. Being able to swim before running whitewater rivers is strongly advised.

Almost all guides/outfitters have minimum age requirements. For instance, the minimum age could be 16 for the upper Gauley and 12 years of age for the Lower Gauley. Before booking your excursion, read all FAQs and information so that no one is disappointed because they are too young.


Whitewater rafting on the Gauley River is a great way to challenge yourself, bring your family closer together, or have fun with a group of friends. In West Virginia, with the whitewater season being noticeably short, do not forget to book in advance so that you do not miss out on an incredible memory-making moment on the Gauley River.